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Kids scooters have been amusing young children since way back in the early 1920s. But within the last 10 years Kids scooters fame has risen hugely! You only have to look outside the local primary school gates to see how famous they have become. There are so many different types of kids scooter available, and they all come in many different types of designs and colors. If you child has a favorite cartoon character or kids TV show, there is perhaps a scooter designed around it.


The best kids' scooters don't just appeal to young kids anymore! Within the last few years they have become trendier and fashionable with teenagers. Older children have realized that they can now make tricks such as "tail whips" and "bar spins" taken from the BMX world and perform them on scooters. As the scooter and tricks have evolved they have developed easier to incorporate from Bikes and boards to scooters. In recent times, scooters have been in the X-Games and are becoming an extreme sport.


The design of Kids scooters has not changed a great deal since way back when they were first invented. They still contain of a platform with a single wheel at the front to control the steering of the scooter and either one or two wheels at the back, depending on whether you decide to buy a strike or a scooter for your child. One major difference that has changed over the years is what the scooters are made out of Kids scooters are usually made out of lightweight aluminum instead of being made out of wood, and now have a folding mechanism to allow for the children scooter to be carried around and stored safely. Over the years little extras have been added to scooters to improve the look and feel of scooters comprising metallic paints, chrome finishes, rear wheel brakes, flashing lights, and tough PU wheels to allow for a smooth ride.


Another popular addition to the Kids scooters family is scooters with little electric motors fuelled by re-chargeable batteries or petrol engines at the rear of the scooter. Which permit the scooter to reach speeds of 15mph, and create scooting around town a breeze? What you should remember is that the kinds of scooters are illegal to use on public roads, as they go to fast for pavements and to slow for roads. If you use one make sure you have an area of land you can use it on along with other fun activities for kids.


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